Friday, August 14, 2009

What do you need to get "back to..."?

Whether you have kids or not, you've seen the signs. The newspaper and TV ads are full of backpack bargains, school supply sales and uniform clothing closeouts. Children of all ages are savoring these last moments of summer - getting in that last swim, that last day to sleep in, the last night to stay up late catching lightning bugs before it's back to ABC's and 1-2-3's. Yep, it's back to school time.

As I get my boys - ages 8 and 12 - ready for their next journey down that education highway, I wonder to myself, "What should I get back to?" I know for a fact that after a summer of being unexpectedly downsized, I have my business in place but have had to take a few weeks' hiatus simply because the kids are home and it's hard to make any real progress. With them in school, it's time for me to get back to hitting the pavement and finding some clients and some writing jobs. Or, finding that new job.

In addition, as I look around my house - smeared with Popsicle fingerprints and sandy floors, I think perhaps it's time to get the house back in order. I need to return my fourth bedroom back to an office instead of a dumping ground for school supplies, clothes that no longer fit, and a "to file" pile larger than my desk itself. And with my finances taking a hit, I need to revise my budget and get back to cutting back, even more than I already have.

I almost think that this time of year is better at making a sort of resolution than New Year's Day. With my kids having to switch gears and start a new routine, maybe I should as well. They have to get back to it, and so do I.

So as you wave goodbye to those summer faces as they peer wistfully at you from the school bus, think of what you need to get back to. Maybe it is a new career path. Or perhaps some volunteer work at your child's school. Maybe you need to get back to some friends that have gone by the wayside, or a family member that you just haven't had the time for. Whatever it is, use these last few weeks of summer to take inventory of what's important to you, and figure out what you need to get "back to".

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