Monday, September 28, 2009

Do you live up to your name?

Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name? And if so, does it apply to you and who you are?

Another inspiring message this week from Pastor Miller at Redeemer Lutheran Church. The topic of his sermon was "What does a name do?" The crux of it was that only God lives up to his name, but we as Christians should all do our best to live up to ours. Evidently, Pastor Miller's name, Ronald, means "Advisor, Ruler". How completely apropos for this messenger of God's Word.

I've always known my name - Amy - means "beloved". I'm not sure if I live up to this - it definitely depends on who you ask - but as far as my parents are concerned, I am truly beloved in their eyes.

When I was searching for a name for my new baby 12 years ago, I did want it to have significance. I chose "Brendan" not only because of the Irish origin, but also because I liked its meaning - "brave". Who doesn't wish bravery for their firstborn son? It also means "prince", of which he sometimes thinks he is, and "raven" - ironically, his favorite Edgar Allen Poe poem.

Of course, as I research it further now, the name can also mean "stinky hair", which, after a sweaty soccer game, is entirely true as well.

My other son's name - Logan - isn't quite as pertinent. A Gaelic name, it means "little hollow" or "small cove". Considering this kid tipped the scales at over 10 pounds at birth, I don't think that definition does him justice. But he is definitely his own person - his own little hollow in this world. So perhaps it is fitting.

My point here is - have you ever looked up the origin of your name and its true meaning? Were you named based on the definition, and if so, do you live up to it? Take a moment to see.

Your name and origin

And if it's Calvin ("little bald one"), Kade ("round and lumpy"), or Cassandra ("inflaming men with love")... I'm sure your parents just liked the name and neglected to look up the meaning.

Unless, of course, it fits.

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