Friday, October 16, 2009

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I bet you're sick. If you're not, your spouse is. Or your kid. Or your friend. Or your neighbor. Good God, whatever it is that is going around is spreading faster than a juicy rumor at a coffee klatch.

I would say the majority of the Facebook posts I have read lately go something like this... "My fever is 103, someone shoot me..." or "They say if your child has the flu, keep him or her home for 7 days - are they kidding?!" or "My husband has a cold and he's the biggest pansy in the patch."

Being sick sucks. It rarely happens to me, but I got a taste of it a few weeks ago, and it sucked. As much as you think snuggling under a warm blanket and watching TV shows you would never watch in the middle of the afternoon would be fun, it isn't for someone like me.

I'm better now, except for that residual phlegmy cough that makes people give you dirty looks in the checkout line at the store. But now my kid has it, and he is the poster child for disease drama. It's not like when he was little, and I almost relished him being that "I want to snuggle with my mommy all day" sick. This is, "I'm bored and whiny and I want you to make me something fabulous that will make me feel better" sick that pretty much chains me to the house all day.

Articles in the paper and on the web are sending conflicting messages about "seasonal flu" vs. "H1N1", and how since seasonal flu hasn't gotten to Peoria yet (it apparently arrives sometime later in the year via a special sleigh or Brinks truck), anyone having symptoms mimicking this flu "must" have H1N1. But don't worry, the articles say, just treat it like you would the flu, because it's most likely not going to require hospitalization. Then you turn the page and see that 11 kids have died in the past week from complications of H1N1. That may be a small statistic in the grand scheme of things, but that's 11 kids too many in my book.

With regards to the vaccine, I am torn. Although I applaud the FDA for pushing this out so fast, I'm a little reticent to pump it into my kids' bodies, or my own for that matter. Maybe I'm naive, but isn't there something to be said for our own antibodies? Sure, the classroom setting is a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty stuff, but is this shot really going to be the cure-all? I don't know.

Until then, I guess I'll join all the other anal-retentive moms who are slathering their kids with hand sanitizer and jumping at every sniffle, cough, and temperature reading over 98.6.

It's gonna be a loooonnnggggg winter, folks.

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