Monday, October 19, 2009

When shooting is a good thing...

If you need a photographer, I've got your girl.

The boys and I had a great "photo shoot" yesterday with a talented young photographer, Caroline.

A little background - and irony (that's how my life goes, you know). Earlier this year I was desperately searching for someone to care for my kids during the summer. We'd tried camps for the past few years, and though I enjoyed what they had to offer, both the kids and I felt as if they were somehow missing out on the summer (we have a pretty active neighborhood here).

I had contacted my church's youth minister to see if he could put me in contact with any nice, responsible Christian college kids looking for a summer job. He gave me a few names, then followed up a few days later with Caroline's. I interviewed her, and was sold. I found out later that she was slated to take a summer job out on the East Coast, but was having second thoughts, and really struggling with the decision. My offer couldn't have come at a better time.

Over the summer I got to know Caroline, and she got to know me. She learned a LOT about my boys and stepped up to the task. She was a powerhouse on our volleyball team, the Volley Llamas. And I found out she was a talented photographer and had the pleasure of hearing about her passion and viewing her portfolio.

I've missed seeing Caroline since the summer ended, so when she called yesterday and offered to take our annual fall photos, I jumped on it. I love the casual, outdoor shots, and she had just the place - an old barn in the middle of a cornfield. Perfect.

The photos are BEAUTIFUL and exactly what I wanted. Caroline is such a pleasure to work with - she's easygoing, she knows what works, but she'll also listen to your suggestions. She has a plethora of cool places to shoot, and is always looking for more.

I encourage any of you who are looking for a photographer for that yearly picture of your kids, a Christmas card portrait of the family, engagement or wedding photos (she's done both), senior pictures, or even a group of friends - to CALL CAROLINE. Her business name is Creative Clicks by Cari and the website is You can also check her out under the Facebook page by the same name.

Her portfolio is diverse for such a young talent and the photos are truly amazing. And the best part is that for a flat fee, you retain ALL of the rights to the photos upfront. That's not going to happen with the pricier places in town.

I highly recommend giving this girl a shot for your next portrait. Yes, pun intended.

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