Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why I love Halloween more than Christmas

First of all, let's get one thing straight. I KNOW Christmas - in its essence - is more important than Halloween, for obvious reasons. And if you could take all the crap that has managed to become associated with that holiday and make it go away, I'd be completely on board again. Until then, though, Halloween trumps Christmas in my book.

Halloween is one of those holidays that doesn't really require commercialization. Sure, you have your stores filled with spooky knick-knacks, your haunted houses and your candy sales, but for the most part, it is what it is. The trees are golden, the air crisp, the wind whipping and the moon nearly full. The weather alone creates the perfect aura.

There's very little to want, or to buy. It's all about what is around you. Sure there are the costumes, and if you're creative and don't have to purchase one then more power to you. But half the fun is spending an hour or so at each of those temporary Halloween places in town checking out the funniest and freakiest costumes and accessories. There are no lists to check twice, no cooking or baking involved, and no worries that someone has been left off the guest list.

Halloween even rivals Christmas as far as tradition, which I am a sucker for no matter what the holiday. Every year we make the trek to a pumpkin patch and spend an afternoon carving our creations. We sift through the pumpkin goo and pick out the seeds to roast for a yummy treat. In past years we've "boo'd" neighborhood kids - leaving secret treats on their porches and encouraging them to do the same for someone else.

This year, since Halloween fell on a Saturday, I had the pleasure of watching my two kids bounce off the walls nearly all day. My friend and I had our faces painted at ci|creative then tried to shove some healthy food down their throats before we headed out to trick or treat. As the kids tore through the neighborhoods, I took in all the moms and dads out with their costumed children, the adults sitting around the bonfire drinking spiked (I'm assuming) cider and passing out treats, and the amazing houses that were decorated to haunt. What a great way to have an old-fashioned good time with friends and family.

Halloween to me is one of those "easy" holidays to just have some fun - both adults and kids - with little pressure and very little cost. And even though this year it fell on a Saturday night and there were tons of parties around town, you would not have found me anywhere else than with my kids on this All Hallows Eve. What a treat!!!

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