Thursday, December 17, 2009

If you have a website, read this. If you need a website, read this.

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that websites are one of the keys to good marketing success. Many times, your site is a potential client's first impression of you... what you're offering and how you're offering it.

Many people think they can throw together a website quickly "just to get it out there". But think of your website as a piece of fine artwork; it takes time, research and talent to make it not only professional looking, but user-friendly as well. In addition, there are specific intricacies of a website that - if you know about them - can make it work for you as well as your top salesperson.

Judy Rosella Edwards is making it her passion to help small businesses in the Central Illinois area grow and succeed. She is currently compiling stories about such businesses in the hopes of not only telling our stories, but helping us network among each other. If you are a small business in the area that would like to be considered for a profile, contact her at

I encourage you to read her latest post entitled "Make a New Year's Resolution to refresh your company's website". She offers some key points that are good advice not only to those who need to brush up their site, but valuable information for those who may be looking to create one as well.

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