Monday, December 28, 2009

My Top 10 for 2010

I'm not one to make resolutions. Hence, this is not a "Top 10 Resolutions for 2010". I can't imagine having one of them, let alone ten.

This is more of, perhaps, ten of my "wishes" for 2010. I'm a realist, you see. Resolutions are for optimistic people. I am not one of them. I'll hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.

That said, here is my Top 10 - whatever - for 2010:

10. Better focus. This is probably as close to a resolution that I can get, because it is something I can cognitively work on. Working at home tends to fragment your schedule and I still struggle with trying to manage my time between work, household and kids. Then there's that damn Facebook....

9. An improved work economy. Who doesn't wish for this? I know there are plenty of people out there in a worse situation than I, and my heart truly goes out to them. For myself and those individuals, I pray every day that jobs can be created and maintained... sooner rather than later.

8. More available flex-time opportunities. If you're not aware of flex-time, it is the the ability to be a little "creative" with your scheduled hours if you are indeed working for someone else. Many employers are now implementing flex-time to better enable their workers to achieve a work-life balance. I wish more businesses would see the benefit of flex-time - especially for those in a profession like mine where a 9 to 5 isn't really necessary. And it has been shown that flex-timers have a tendency to work even harder for their employers because of the arrangement.

7. That District 150 will get its act together. Right now, I think that's going to take an Act of God, but hey, I say "bring it". From what I've seen of the near future plans put forth by the District, I'm again not too optimistic. A prominent District 150 voice said to me once that she thought someone should just come in and scrap the whole district and start over. I'm starting to think that may be the only answer. Save our kids, please...

6. Speaking of kids, I pray for a healthy, learning and loving 2010 for my two. My oldest has had a tough go of it this year, but I think we are slowly chipping away at some of the issues enough to see the real deal underneath - a great kid. I often describe my youngest as "just happy to be here", and I hope he can stay even-keeled and resilient to any changes that may come to pass in 2010.

5. That I can get my pre-babies body back. I know, it's completely vain and probably in vain, but I have a 6-month gym membership and a trip to Mexico on the horizon that are both my incentives. The low-sodium diet is certainly doing the trick - now I just have to firm up a bit in those places where nature has been oh, so unkind.

4. That writing exposure = writing success. I've been blogging and freelance writing since I was downsized from a little local agency in late June, but I'm still waiting for that big opportunity. I know I'm a good writer, and I know there are businesses and organizations out there that would benefit by hiring me to be their "spokeswriter". In 2010, I'm going to make sure I find them.

3. Keep the great friends and good people I met and forged relationships with in the past year. This was a banner year for me both professionally and socially. I found for the first time that I actually LIKE meeting new people now that I realize how interesting everyone really is. From the master-carpenter-turned-engineer-turned-chef to the teacher I saw on TV who is now a trusted confidante to the Facebook friends I've never met but make me laugh every single day... I definitely hit the mother lode this year in the meet 'n greet department - and I am so thankful.

2. To help my kids get closer with God. And no, I don't mean having one of my famous "Come to Jesus" family meetings. They're familiar with those. Because I was raised Catholic, I went to church every single school day, hence got to know the Big Guy and his Book pretty well. My kids, not so much. We are Lutheran now, and regular church attendees. My son is taking Confirmation classes, and really enjoying them, but I know he's way behind the learning curve. And my youngest? He asked what that guy's name was with Mary when Jesus was born. Ohhhhh..... my bad. Totally my bad.

1. Peace for me. I know this sounds selfish, but it encompasses a lot of stuff. Peace for me would include knowing my parents are healthy and happy and ready to take on another year with the Talcott family. Ditto to the rest of the clan, who have had their share of trials and tribulations in 2009. I'd like a little financial peace in the next few months as things are starting to get a bit shaky. And though I'm not sure it will ever happen, some peace for my shaky heart would be welcome, as well.

So there you have it. My Top 10 for 2010. Above all, I wish each of you who read my blog and support my efforts a healthy, happy and well-written new year.


  1. You're a gem. My prediciton is that all your wishes will come true - because you will make them happen. No doubt in my mind. Happy New Year to you and those wonderful little men you are raising. Hope to get to know you even better in the New Year!

  2. Like all the points, but the last one is the best.


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