Thursday, January 7, 2010

"A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense."

Is it just me, or are we all in some sort of unspoken winter driving competition?

Take this snow. (Please.) In hearing from friends and reading Facebook comments, it seems as if it's some sort of contest to prove who can actually make it in to work, and who "wimped out" and stayed home.

Like there's supposed to be some crazy award for being the better person for risking your life for a nine to five job, while making the smarter ones who opt to stay home feel like idiots.

Disclaimer: Some of you have to be out there. Some of your livelihoods depend on whether you show up or not. I get that. So don't get bent out of shape.

But those who can stay home, should. Especially if you're a parent. There have been a few times - only a few - when I have been out braving the weather for some stupid reason and it hits me: if something happens to me, my kids are in a world of hurt. Why would I even chance it?

Maybe we all have a tinge of invincibility from our teen years. Remember that? When everything tragic that happened was to someone else? Nothing bad would ever touch us? As we aged, we may have had a first-hand view of tragedy, or felt the pain of loss from someone close to us. And maybe, over time, we came to realize that silly risks weren't worth it to chance not being there for the ones who love us and need us.

I'm just saying - you can tell me it's "not that bad" out there, or "my car is great in this stuff", or "I only have to go across town"... whatever. But seriously, there's no prize for braving the elements just to say you did it. There's no special certificate for being one of the few that made it into work. Nobody is going to think you're the better person for risking life and limb to run out to the store. Above all, your kids don't care. They just want you home. And alive.

So next time you look out the window and feel that competitive spirit kick in... that desire to challenge Mother Nature with your four-wheel drive... put a sock in it. It's not worth it.

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  1. James and I were just talking about this. We say - if you have no business being on the roads when their is snow or ice on the ground, then please stay home! Accidents are usually caused by people who are scared/anxious/nervous who are making other drivers upset which causes them to pass or do something stupid.

    So I agree. And wish I could stay home. But I can't today - got a party to finish planning!



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