Thursday, January 14, 2010

What did YOU look like as a kid?

It's apparently "Retro" week on Facebook.

Like Pavlov's dogs, we see a status post request and immediately start drooling and running for the food bowl. I don't do them all... I passed on "If you believe sarcasm causes cancer, post this for at least an hour" and "If you think Tiger Woods is being framed, cut and paste this as your status". But some are kind of fun.

This week's bandwagon was to post old pictures of yourself. Now, I know some people aren't for the whole "posting pictures" thing. As far as profile photos go, they either have that weird, bluish, non-gender silhouette thing going, or some out-of-focus photo of their dog/cat/gerbil/fish.

I like to mix it up a bit.

My favorite photo (and believe me, it took me awhile to really laugh at this one) was taken on my First Communion. I had just spent like 70 hours in church, my dress was itchy, and my halo thingy was making my head hurt. I was pissed, and the last thing I wanted was to smile for some lame family picture. Thinking back, I think at the time my mom was pretty ticked, too.

Now, that photo has gone down in family history. I'm so pleased I could oblige.

But what I find fascinating about seeing all these retro photos of my friends is the amazing resemblance their children have to them at that age. I guess it's to be assumed, but seeing it firsthand is really quite uncanny.

My youngest son is a dead ringer for me when I was his age. The eyes, the mouth, even the hair. We both have the curly, unruly mop, and at the time I think my mom was cutting my hair with the dog clippers to save money, so until I got out from under her Carole Scissorhands, pegging me for a girl or a boy was a crap shoot.

My son freaks out when he sees those photos. Poor kid.

It's actually pretty cool to look back at those snapshots, and to share them with people you may or may not have known during that time in your life. They bring back some good memories, some bad, some embarrassing... but it's the life and times, and your mother didn't save them all for nothing, so don't disappoint her.

Take some time to look through your old pictures. Connect with yourself, and share them with other family members and friends. Above all, take the time to remember where you came from, and how you came to be who you are today.

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