Monday, May 17, 2010

I wish I would've thought of that!!!!

Have you ever seen some cool invention on TV and thought, "Why didn't I think of that?"

I do it all the time.

As stupid as you might think the Snuggie is, my son loves his (because he can play video games without his blanket falling off). And some guy out there made millions by cutting armholes in a piece of cheap fleece.

And what about the person who figured out that tomatoes grow great upside down? That had to have happened on a fluke, but I'm sure he or she is sitting pretty right now. And probably upside down.

I've had my own ideas that I'm sure could have made me millions. Unfortunately, I don't have that inventor's spirit (nor the ready capital) to live the dream. But here are some ideas for any of you budding entrepreneurs out there.

I'd like to invent a device called "Select-A-Meal". You know, like on the Jetson's. Some of you may call this a microwave... I say it's one step better. You don't have to decide what to put in it. You just press a button - "sandwich", "lasagna", "prime rib"... and some technological cooking fairy drops it down a chute to you in seconds.

Someone get on that, please.

I'd also like some sort of workout device with a laptop accessory. It seems as if I spend a lot of time sitting here exercising my fingers and the rest of me is just hanging below. There has to be a way to multi-task. I've seen a few prototypes, but none quite fit what I'm looking for. Any exercise aficionado could make some big money helping we desk slugs tone while we type.

My pièce de résistance, however, may be a little controversial. You know the shields that taxi drivers have in their cabs - the ones that separate themselves from those in the back seat? Yeah, I want one of those for my minivan. Here are the features:

Ability to raise and lower it, like in a limo. Optional sound muting feature. Shatterproof glass.

Think of how many accidents would be prevented if you couldn't reach in the back seat to take some toy/hand some drink/rough up some kid who's driving you crazy while you drive?

I think it would be a best-seller.

Maybe some of these cool inventions already exist - waiting for their patents or holed up in some other red tape. If not, I invite anyone to take these ideas and make them a reality. I know I won't see any monetary compensation, but if I can reap the rewards of a finished product, then my job here is done.

Now if I only had a teleporter... I'm late for a meeting!


  1. You forgot "Select-A-Beverage"!!!

  2. Ok...the glass in the minivan...the idea...I'll give it to you as your children are older than mine, but I had that 'original' thought on MANY occasions! I believe I first said it 5 years ago on 3 hour trip south, right after our twins were born. It was tag team screaming. They were fed, dry and had the awesome cornfields to watch...but NO...that wasn't good enough. I thought I was literally going to lose hair that day by yanking it out.

    If anyone, with big expendable cash, picks up on your blog...I'm throwing another idea out there... a classy, yet practical dining room table. It has a lazy susan that lifts from the center with the touch of a button at each seat, but it's refrigerated. It holds all condiments, a mini beverage dispenser, straws, paper towels and extra silverware. This way, maybe I could eat a hot meal without doing what feels like stand-up, sit-down crunches while MY food gets cold.

  3. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Consider it added to my list. And of course the fact that you are a Neil Diamond fan makes it even better.


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