Friday, July 23, 2010

Unique ways to stay cool - with a "twist"

When searching for ways to beat the heat, I came upon this article by Helium contributor Suzanne Rose. Upon reading it, I realized I have tried all these "unique" methods of cooling off, so thought I'd add my own twist.

Unique ways to cool off during the summer
by Suzanne Rose (Comments by Amy Kennard)

The summer can be hot, hot, hot. There are the common things that you can do to cool off during the summer such as swimming in a pool, but there are also some unique and fun things that you can do to in order to cool off. The following are some ideas that you might want to try.

Have a water balloon fight

A fun idea for children (or adults) is to have a water balloon fight. They sell many water balloons that are easily filled from your sink. Then you can have the children play with them. Alternatively you can have different games and activities with water balloons, such as trying to play catch with them to see who might drop them first. This can be a lot of fun, and the water will cool you down nicely.

Amy's Twist: Water balloons hurt. And you don't want to fill them from your sink. Trust me on both these points. What IS fun, however, is to take one of those giant punch balls, fill it with water until it gets as big as it can, then chase your kids around and threaten to throw it at them.

Have a slip and slide party

Slip and slides can be a lot of fun, even if you are full grown. The water will help cool you off during the summer. You can have a full out party or just take it out for your children or when they have friends visiting. They sell many different varieties of this, and it is not usually too expensive.

Amy's Twist: Slip 'n Slides have a weight limit for a reason. And unless you are wearing tights and a cape, chances are that if you're over the age of 40, you're more likely to go skidding off into the grass or plowing through the end of it than you are gliding across the sprinkling water.

Go to a water park

There are many fun water parks out there. With many of them, you can be in and out of the water all day, which can help keep you cool on a warm summer day. These range greatly in size and price.

Amy's Twist: Agreed. There are some great water parks in the area. But for the female adults: that swimsuit that you never actually "swim" in isn't going to stay on down the "Royal Flush" or the "Water Tunnel of Terror". Check yourself before you come out of the water.

Use a portable cooling item

They sell various products to help keep yourself cool. They sell little cushions that you can put in the freezer and then wear around you. Other items become cool through a chemical reaction. These might help you stay cool.

Amy's Twist: These "portable cooling items" do not refer to those umbrella hats you wear on your head, portable fans that you hold in front of your face or large, floppy hats that need a "wide load" sticker on them. My portable product? An ice cold glass of lemonade, preferably with a shot or two of vodka.

Wear clothing designed to help you stay cool.

Different brands of clothing help you stay cool. Under Armour is one such brand. They use different materials technology to make it easier for you to be in the sun and not to feel it as much.

Amy's Twist: I know what Under Armor is, but yet it still sounds hot. Obviously the less clothing you wear in hot weather the better, but please, folks, make sure all those areas that we aren't really supposed to see are covered.

Buy your own water slide

Sources such as Little Tikes now sell large inflatable water slides and other water play areas. You can often inflate them easily with an included air blower and then you attach them to a water source. It can make your own little water park in your backyard. These can range in price depending on how large and how complex they are, but they are often in the mix-hundreds range or a little higher. Different companies make them and they are often available online or at big toy stores such as Toys R Us.

Amy's Twist: We've actually done this - made our own water park. It was completed one morning when I went out the back door to find that "someone" had left the hose on all night. It had managed to make a lovely pool in the backyard, and even gave us some nice, refreshing waterfalls in the basement.

So there you have it - "unique" ways to stay cool, with a twist. Which reminds me... I think there's a lemonade over there calling my name. Hope you all enjoy chilling out this weekend!


  1. Maybe if we take or three water slides and sew them together to make an adult size.... hm....

  2. That's called a tarp.

  3. Water balloons + bathroom sink + excited kids = bad idea
    Whenever I tell my kids they can play with water balloons, I spend 45 minutes filling them to have them explode them within 2 minutes, and they don't get very wet. The garden hose turned on full blast is way easier and more fun.

  4. One other comment about women at waterparks... make sure the suit fits and is appropriate for your body... otherwise, you are giving the rest of us reason to giggle and make rude comments to our friends...

    I recently went to Splashdown... there was a lady who was thin, but older - too old in my opinion to be wearing a string bikini to a public waterpark. Anyways... her boob was totally hanging out of the bottom of her top - for more than an HOUR. I was chillaxing on the Lazy River and had to shield my eyes every time I came around to the section she was hanging out in (pun NOT intended). It was quite disturbing.

    I would have to say that probably 50% of the women that night were wearing suits that totally did not flatter their figure... it was sad.

    Thankfully, I was not one of them. Hahaha. =)


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