Monday, August 30, 2010

The Boys of Summer

I say it every year. "I can't believe summer's over. It went so fast!"

I LIVE for the summer. As much as I like the surprise of that first cool, crisp day of the fall, the quiet excitement of the first snowfall of the winter and the promising look of the trees as they burst through with their first leaves in the spring, nothing compares to the warm breezes and relaxed schedules that summer brings.

I've always had problems with change. With the exception of the doom and gloom that I call winter, once the suggestion of a new season appears, I immediately wax nostalgic for the last one.

As obvious in previous posts, the kids and I had a fantastic summer. But for the past week or two, I see the change in the three of us - a little more rushed as sports activities and school and church planning meetings begin, a little more on edge as I'm forced to pull out the dry erase board to record all of our activities for the week - it's like we're bracing for a storm. We don't want summer to end, but it's going to - starting tomorrow.

My youngest is almost tearful at times, and I can't say I blame him. I try to comfort him by reminding him he's about to see all his buddies that he rarely if at all saw for the past three months. I try to sweeten the pot by telling him that fall means weekend cookouts by the fire pit, trips to Tanners and Apple Blossom Farm, hiking and biking over the crunching leaves and of course, Halloween.

I guess a part of me is ready to change up the routine. Summer, for all its relaxation, has also been fast-paced and at times exhausting with all the fun activities and travel. Fall seems much more cerebral - back to school, back to concentrated work without interruption, back to trying to keep up with a more regimented schedule for us all.

It also reminds me that another year has passed since they stood on the porch and posed for their first day of school photo. And that reminds me that they are growing up. Summer aside, I sometimes wonder where the time has gone and hope I've made the most of it... with my boys.

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