Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Jumping" at the chance to help

Here's a re-post from Debbie Adlof of C.W. Notes and the Community Word. My son is a Charter Oak third grader and I was thrilled that this story received some positive coverage. "Jumping" is definitely his thing, and now he can do it for a cause:

“Jumping” In To Help the Salvation Army
Posted by Debbie Adlof on 28 September 2010, 2:31 pm

Third Grade Students to Raise Funds from Jump-a-Thon for Army Feeding Programs

The Salvation Army is grateful to students and administrators from Charter Oak Primary School in Peoria for their generous nature. The school was one of many area schools contacted in an effort to expand knowledge of Salvation Army programs and services and responded with an idea for a jump-athon.

“Ms. Shannon Roach and Ms. Joan Frickleton’s third grade class had a visit from Major Donna Miller of our Family Shelter and the students wanted to do something to help feed the people who come to The Salvation Army,” said Rich Draeger, Assistant Development Director. “Our staff worked with the teachers to work out the idea for the jump-a-thon and we are delighted they did so.”

The students will be giving up some valuable recess time, beginning Friday, October 30 and continue for 4 more recess sessions. They were sent home with pledge forms and will be getting monies from friends and family to support their efforts.

The monies collected will be utilized in our Social Service area in our food warehouse, Family Shelter and Sylvia Fites Family Services Center, where our daily Lunch with Love soup kitchen is held.


  1. That is AWESOME!! =) And I love that I knew nothing about this... but hey, it's not my department. =)

    SO COOL!!

  2. Thanks for re-posting. We actually begin this Friday! Our class is getting pretty excited!


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