Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This may be controversial, but....

... I'm feeling a little edgy, so here goes.

Have we as a society really let things slip THAT MUCH? Why is it that we are "fine" with "good enough", "OK" with "that'll do" and sign off on the cheapest, fastest way to get it out the door?

It doesn't matter if it's business or personal. Let's look at both.

Many businesses (now don't get offended - I didn't say ALL businesses) these days are looking for the quickest, most nominal way to get things done with the least amount of people and resources. You can blame the recession all you want, but part of it stems from this new mentality that "just enough" is "good enough".

This problem reaches from the huge corporation that has its employees working 16-hour days doing the job of two people and completely wrecking any chance of them having life outside of the office, to the companies that hire a "do-all" marketing person when what they really need is a team comprised of a writer, a designer, a salesperson and a marketing coordinator.

I understand money is an issue. But I think that's become an overused excuse. We're getting accustomed to becoming a multi-tasking society, and it's a known fact that while multi-taskers may appear efficient, they're really not doing ANY of their tasks up to par.

Let's switch to personal life. How many of you are guilty of shooting off an email rather than meeting in person or calling on the phone? I know I am. Granted, for some that's the preferred, convenient method of communication. But aren't we slighting one another just a bit? Email just doesn't have the emotion of voice-to-voice or face-to-face conversation. Don't you miss being animated, just a little bit?

And how about our children being raised in a world of LOLs, BRBs and OMGs? IMHO, with the average age of a kid cellphone owner getting younger and younger, I worry that this abbreviated language may be grossly detrimental to their spelling, grammar and language abilities. And what about sentence structure, for God's sake? When was the last time any of these kids wrote a letter? I mean, WTF???

I guess I look at my parents and how they raised me. Work hard, earn what you get and don't do anything half-ass. I look at some of us and think, "What happened?" Then I look at the generation coming up behind us and think, "Did they not even SEE that memo?"

Really - what happened to cause this complacency? When did it become the easy way or the highway? Look where it's gotten us. A substandard world with above-average problems.

Maybe we just all need to wake up, get the lead out and turn this world around. If we don't, I'm afraid we, and all that come after, will be SOL.

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