Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures: what are yours?

Everyone has them. Few talk about them.

Guilty pleasures. Wikipedia (for what it's worth) defines a "guilty pleasure" as "something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it. Often, the "guilt" involved is simply fear of others discovering one's lowbrow or otherwise embarrassing tastes, rather than actual moral guilt."

So, baring it all, here is a list of my Top 10 Guilty Pleasures (in no particular order):

1) My automatic drip coffee pot with timer. My guilty pleasure part is the timer. There is something absolutely magical about coming downstairs in the morning and grabbing a cup of freshly-brewed joe without having to go through the daunting task (which it is for me at 5:45 am) of making it.

2) Cheez-its. I don't buy these anymore. If I do, I eat the whole box. No, not in one sitting. Sometimes it sits in the cabinet for a day or two. Other times, I open the box in the parking lot of the grocery store. Then handful by handful, those square little cheesy morsels of deliciousness disappear. And no, Cheese Nips is not an acceptable alternative.

3) Aerosmith. Yeah, I have a "thing" for Steven Tyler. I know, I know, the guy looks rode hard and put away wet, but to me he has that certain something that just makes me swoon. Maybe it's the scarves. Maybe it's the mouth. Maybe it's the "ayayayayaayayayaya!!!!!" and his vocal range. I don't know. But if "Livin' on the Edge" or "Deuces are Wild" comes on the radio, you can bet I'm belting it out right along with ole' Stevie.

4) Facebook. I can't help it. I work at home, and sometimes my buddies on Facebook are the only human contact (outside of my children, and that's debatable) that I have all day. I justify it because I've made many a business contact on this social networking site, and find inspiration for some of my writing from my FB friends all over the world.

5) Jeans. I have WAAAAAY too many pairs of jeans. My issue is that I have very long legs, so I wear tall sizes, which are hard to find. When I DO find a pair of tall jeans, I buy them, rationalizing that "these are hard to find". Let's just say they are getting less and less "hard to find", but alas my buying habits haven't quite made the adjustment.

6) Army Wives and Grey's Anatomy. I was an Army wife once, but not like Claudia Joy or Roxy LeBlanc. Oh, and I faint at the sight of needles and blood. Why I watch these shows is beyond me, but I'm as hooked as I used to be on that John Edwards psychic show.

7) The paper copy of the Peoria Journal Star. I know, print is dead. Whatever. And yes, I also know I can read it online. But there's something about sitting cross-legged on the couch with a cup of coffee and the newspaper that I just miss.

8) McDonald's Happy Meals. I love them. I love the little flat burger with the schmear of ketchup and mustard and the three pickles. I love the little packet of fries and the tiny Dr. Pepper. It makes me think I'm cheating at the very lowest of levels. And since I drive a mini-van, they never suspect it's for me. Also because when they ask if it's for a boy or a girl, I always say "boy".

9) Cheap wine in a juice glass. It's a habit. Most nights, after I'm done writing and the kids are in bed, I treat myself to a tiny juice glass of cheap red wine - because I am on a budget. And yes, it does go with Cheez-its.

10) Watching my kids sleep. My oldest isn't really very cuddly anymore, and he's angry with me a lot. But when he's sleeping, I get to see that little boy face again, blond curls askew on the pillow. My younger son still creeps into my bed in the middle of the night on occasion, and though I know he shouldn't, I love the fact that he thinks that mom's bed is "safer". And yes, every night I go in and put my hand on them to make sure they're breathing. I know, I know.....

So I fessed up - now it's your turn. What are your guilty pleasures? As always, this is a family blog. Keep it clean.


  1. 1. Phineas and Ferb - Yes, I know it is a kids show. It has better humor than some adult shows. And Agent P is fabulous.

    2. Robot Chicken - Yes, the humor is gross at times. Then, there are the times that it transcends the Star Wars specials for what I mean.

    3. Fetch with Ruff Ruffman - Again, kids show. Again, fabulous entertainment.

    4. My Nintendo DS - I play a handheld game. The games I play are a little more adult (currently working through one that is really cerebral in a horror sort of way)...but it is still fun to play and I enjoy it.

    5. Hello Kitty - That little cutie is one thing I don't think I could give up. I never had anything with her on it when I was growing up. I now have a bank that makes "sparkle" noises when I put in change. Love it.

  2. I'm going with yours as inspiration and thinking of them as categories:
    #1. Ditto.
    #2 Triscuits or Saltines...again, same problem of not being able to halt the hand to mouth motion and have to hide them from myself.
    #3 Dave Matthews Band. Even in his chubbier years I think he is adorable and the band is oh so talented!
    #4 eBay- gotta love a bargain...over 1000 transactions by me over the past 10 years.
    #5 Anything with Life is Good. Love the philosophy, love comfy clothes.
    #6 Food Network (minus the reality crap they run at night) and HGTV. I love to see things come together or get remodeled. I watch my favorite T.V. shows on DVD in order because I am anal-retentive and they HAVE to be in order, dang it! I think Arrested Development is the funniest show I have ever watched.
    #7. Yahoo News. I read the snippets and can have a Cliff Notes version of what is going on in the world.
    #8. Jack in the Box Tacos. I can't pass one up, even if the timing is off for lunch or dinner!
    #9. Cheap wine, but in a wine glass so I can pretend to be a knowledgeable wine-type-person. Truthfully, I still can drink Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill. Please don't unfriend me!
    10. Being the only one in the house awake. I look in on everyone, get caught up on my tasks, feel the solitude that I rarely get as a mom and teacher.

  3. I have many pleasures, but I don't feel guilty about any of them. Well, maybe one. If I had to CLAIM to feel guilty about any of my pleasures, they would be:

    1. Being able to tell my kids to fetch me this, pick up that, and knowing they have to do it. At least right now.
    2. Telling my kids they have to eat a healthy dinner, then eating ice cream and oreos for my OWN dinner after they're in bed.
    3. Not having anyone to answer to about what color I painted the living room, or how much money I spent on Trans-Siberian Orchestra tickets.
    4. Tuesday nights - I snarf down 4 greasy, crispy, heavenly pieces of spicy Popeye's dark meat chicken, red beans and rice, and biscuits w/honey. Along with a glass of white wine. Every Tuesday.
    5. Snarking.
    6. Checking out my facebook friends' pix, as well as their fb friends' profiles. I've realized I'm only separated by one or two degrees of separation from a lot of people. People YOU know, Amy.
    7. Sad, depressing EMO music, such as My Chemical Romance, Muse and Julia Fordham.
    8. Reading love letters from old boyfriends at 2am in the attic, while finishing off the bottle of wine I started on Tuesday (see: Popeyes).
    9. Googling my own name.
    10.When bad luck strikes someone I REALLY don't like. Not a death or anything. Something more along the lines of getting written up on a code violation. Or a drunk driver crashing through their fence. I know it's mean. I know it's petty. It is what it is.


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