Saturday, September 4, 2010

Want a sub-par education? Evidently you can get it at Drake.

I know Drake is a reputable institution of higher learning. I know smart, successful people who have attended school there. However, whoever approved this ad campaign should be sent to the principal's office:

Drake's D+ Ad Campaign

Evidently they're standing by the campaign - probably because they forked over lots of money to an outside ad agency to create it. Too bad they're not smart enough to pull it and cut their losses before it does the damage on its own.

Fail, Drake.


  1. Um...that's amazing. *shaking head*

  2. I absolutely laughed out loud when I saw this myself.

    Who in the world agreed that this would be a good advertising campaign??

    What I think is funnier is that some people at Drake feel that this is appropriate - according to the article that I read. Perhaps they should be given a D+?


  3. That IS hilarious!! When's Bradley going to kick off their B+ campaign?

    (off topic - great article about Haddads, Amy)

  4. Perhaps Districts 150 and 323 should be so honest...

  5. Amy -- You'll be glad to know that Drake has changed the web presentation of their "Drake Advantage." (See the updated version at ... sadly, their printed versions are still the stupid "D+".)


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