Monday, September 20, 2010

Your personality - in typeface

I just stumbled upon this interesting little video quiz that asks you four personality questions then matches your answers to a typeface that best suits "who you are". I don't know how accurate it is overall, but I was Archer Hairline, and it was pretty much dead on.

What type are you?

Let me know what your result is. I'd love to hear how many other Archer Hairlines there are out there.


  1. Marina Script. The guy's voice was not pleasant this morning... it grated on me for some reason. LOL. I hate mornings.

  2. Courier! Thanks for sharing that amusing quiz.

  3. Cooper Black Italic. That guy had a hangnail that I couldn't stop looking at.

  4. Dot Matrix!?!? What kind boring result was that? I'd have been happier with Wing Ding.


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