Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful with a twist

Although it's not very original, I do feel compelled this time of year to really take note of all the blessings around me that cause me to be so very thankful that God shot me into this planet some 44 years ago. So to mix it up a little, I'm going to skip the obvious (kids, family, friends, job, health, etc.) and really, really get specific about some of the things that I have relished during the past year that make me thankful to be me:

I am twistedly thankful for:

1) My second computer monitor that I set up just recently. I had no idea such dual-monitor pleasure existed. Two screens ARE better than one.
2) The automatic timer on my coffee pot. For some reason I can't stand to wait the seven minutes it takes me in the morning to make and brew coffee. I honestly think that first sip in the morning is nirvana. Every morning.
3) The cinnamony, clovey, nutmegy, garlicy, herby smell of my spice cabinet when I open it up.
4) Diet meals in a box under 300 calories. There are no seconds.
5) My 10-year old Honda minivan that still runs like a champ even though I've berated its existence as a minivan for the past decade.
6) My ex-husband who I don't hate.
7) Google Talk: so it's just like Amanda and I are working side-by-side again (not really).
8) Not getting that job.
9) Not taking that job.
10) Taking that job.
11) Progresso Split Pea with Ham soup.
12) The ability of my youngest son to crack my back every night when he hugs me.
13) My height and all the people who ask me to reach something on the top shelf at the grocery store.
14) Attracted to Shiny Things and the author who makes them that way.
15) Friends with big hearts, big smiles and big clavicles. You know who you are.
16) Cheap wine in a big bottle and my Jimmy Neutron wine glass.
17) Little affections still shown to me by my 13-year old son. Occasionally. But whatever. I'll take them.
18) EOFs. Stands for "Every Other Friday" when the kids head to their dad's for the weekend. I love my kids, but come EOF, I like to unwind a little. OK, a lot.
19) Nuclear power and all that comes with it.
20) Skinny Cow Truffle bars. They're big, they're chocolatey, they're 100 calories. So even if I eat three, I'm still within my 300 calorie per meal maximum.
21) Godwinks.
22) Cashiers who say something nice to you when you're not even paying attention to them like they don't exist. Good wake-up call.
23) Avanti's. My personal chef.
24) Cheez-its and Dr. Pepper. No, I lie. I'm not thankful for these. I curse their existence. But I do love them.
25) How I feel when I look down at my son in church and see him quietly mouthing the words to the Our Father.
26) The Man on the Corner, who checks in with me via phone periodically to "see how I am" now that our paths rarely cross anymore.
28) That my house is a home. Because the kids and I made it that way.
29) Guinness on a slightly empty stomach.
30) Fun words to say, like ubiquitous and schnitzel and discombobulate and juxtaposition. Oh, and heebee jeebees.
31) Six degrees of separation. Because it's cool.
32) A father who's an engineer, a mother who's an interior decorator, a brother who's an IT guru, a sister who's a nurse, another brother who's a lawyer. There's basically no question my family can't answer for me.
33) Online shopping. Thank you, Jesus.
34) My past. Without it, I would never have made it to the present.
35) The people who didn't believe in me who I proved wrong.
36) The people who believed in me so I could disprove the people who didn't believe in me.
37) Fleece.
38) Never being at a loss for someone to talk to on Facebook.
39) Funny statuses that make me LOL.
40) Padded push-up bras.
41) Billy Dennis. (No, #40 has nothing to do with #41.)
42) Satisfying news about an ex-boyfriend. (Still nothing to do with #41.)
43) Lilac bushes.
44) The exhilarating exhaustion I feel after the workout that I almost talked myself out of.
45) Spooning.
46) Phineas and Ferb. How else would my kids know what an "aglet" is?
47) The phrase, "That's a really good idea."
48) Yankee candles. The ones that don't make me sneeze.
49) "Well," I said, "I'm very, very thankful for punctuation! Aren't you?"
50) Writing. Because, well, It's My Thing.

Thanks also to everyone who reads me, for those who make comments, "like" or just plain tune in. You're the gravy on my mashed potatoes. Wow, that's 52!

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. That was AWESOME Ames! And not just because you mentioned my blog (but that was nice, it made me smile!). I'm so thankful I met you (FINALLY!), and your amazing friends. I'm thankful I get half the inside jokes in your post! Oh, and wine on a slightly empty tummy ;-)

  2. You see, I HATE padded push-up bras. I like 'em natural.

    But thanks for the shout out.


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