Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why sometimes I hate being a girl

Sometimes I think guys have it soooo easy. They don't have cramps, PMS or periods. They don't have their bodies stretched to their limit during pregnancy. And certainly no matter how hard we squeeze their hands or curse their existence, they will never truly know the excruciating pain of childbirth.

Other times I'm very thankful to be female. I can cry when I want to and not be laughed at, ask for help with my car, my taxes and home repairs and not be scorned, and not have to worry about spontaneous erections at inappropriate times.

Still, occasionally I just wish I wasn't such a girl. I always feel silly when I talk about getting a pedicure, the great deal I found while shopping on something I didn't need or how big my butt looks in these jeans.

Overall, I don't consider myself a "girly girl". I don't know if I ever was one growing up, but from the photos of me in my mop-head curls, too-short jeans and extremely flat chest, I was certainly mistaken for the other white meat on more than one occasion.

I think girls and guys both get a bad rap when they pull out tendencies of the other sex. I know some guys who would not be caught DEAD crying. I know other guys who cry if they watch the Cottonelle puppy commercial. Of course, the guy who doesn't acknowledge his tears is considered the more "manly man" over the guy who's truly "in touch with his feelings."

On the other hand, if a woman is too feminine in the workplace, she might get a bad reputation. Or worse, not be taken seriously. The flip side? The aggressive, blunt female who kicks ass and takes names, scratching and crawling her way up the ladder is considered, well, a bitch.


I definitely embrace both ends of the spectrum. I can take an hour to get ready to go out, painstakingly applying my makeup and doing my hair, searching endlessly in my closet for just the perfect outfit that fits my body type while still making me feel "sassy". On the other hand, I'm perfectly down with crossing my legs man-style, drinking beer and loudly trash talking the other team while watching the big game (which I plan to do this Sunday).

I guess my point is that sometimes I'm (embarrassed) to be a girl, like it's a weakness. I don't like to admit I can't open a jar, or that the water softener salt is heavy, or that I don't know where my water shutoff valve is. Then again, another part of me wants someone to open the jar, bring in the water softener salt, and take care of the shutoff valve so I don't have to.

Does that make me needy? High maintenance? Or stubborn? Too independent?

What makes a girl a girl and a guy a guy to you? Give me your two cents so I can see if I'm the exception or the rule.

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  1. I hate being a girl. They are weak and dumb and less important and rude and gossip and drama and awkward and annoying i hate it!!!! Why did god make me a girl????? Well i guess the answer to your question is what makes a girl a girl is her lack of common sense and zero importance.


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