Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowpocalypse, snowmageddon, snowmygod... random musings of a snow day in Central Illinois

The best one I heard today was the Snowtorious B.I.G.

Since the airwaves caught first wind of this little slice of Mother Nature PMS, people have been atwitter with excitement, trepidation and, thankfully, humor. It's almost like we were SO depressed with winter that we'd take ANYTHING to spice things up a bit.

Wow. Now that's spicy.

Here's what we know so far:
A blizzard warning has been in effect in Central Illinois since 6 am.
District 150 was one of the last to close schools - that's just how they roll.
I became aware of my sons' school being canceled via text from my ex-husband at 5:38 am.
It began snowing around 12:30 pm.
The "unofficial prediction" for our neck of the woods is 16-20".
I have no idea how much snow we have right now, since it is blowing sideways, but back deck is almost completely covered in a large drift.

Here's what else I know:
I went to the store on Sunday, knowing I would not get there for a few days. I bought the usual stuff.
Here's a photo of the Wal-Mart in Washington, IL, taken just last night:
People freak out when it snows.

I also know that some people batten down the hatches and don't leave their homes as soon as the prediction is made.

Others text pictures like this to Facebook:
and make cute comments like, "I can barely see the road! lol"

Some are profiting over the little squall:

Even weathermen don't know what more to say about it:

And some, like me, are just plain documenting it:

No matter how you're coping, (and I must remind you moms with children - this is only DAY ONE), humor and patience will be key. Let's see if we can all keep laughing for the next 24-48 hours. So far, we still have light and heat.

I guess like all things, it could be worse:

All we can do is wait:

And wonder why it is we even live here:

Stay warm and safe, my Illinois friends, and all the rest of you affected by this:
Blizzard of Oz
The Fast and the Flurrious

No matter what you call it, I agree. It's definitely snowverkill and I, for one, am snowoverit.


  1. :D I wanted to make a ruler to measure the accumilation, but I got the idea to start my photo project 10 minutes before I snapped the first frame!

  2. Love the pix, and the cute terms. I really liked Kelly's "snOMG!". Awesome.

    seriously Amy? Seriously, I still have to copy the word I see to get my comment posted? Can't you get blogger to automatically recognize me, give me a special pass or something?

  3. Oh goodness, we do need to keep the humor going... because I don't drink, nor do I have alcohol in the house, but if I have to stay in the house with my kids (and my husband) for more than two days, I might... need... SOMETHING...


    I am thankful for electricity... and the internet. It is keeping me sane 'snow' far... =)


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