Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to change your life in three minutes or less

I feel like I am totally riding Phil Luciano's coattails. No matter what you think of him, dude can tell a story. And this is a good one. An extraordinary one. One that begs to be told.

I blogged about Phil's article on Kevin Harmon (author of The Archangel Response) a few weeks ago (Writing without hands). I've had the incredible honor and privilege to come in on the tail end of this huge undertaking, and to help Kevin get the word out there that this book is worth reading (and worth being picked up by a publisher... hint hint.) I got to talk to Kevin about the article and he was beyond appreciative and floored by the response. The day after the article ran, his new political thriller was flying off the shelves at I Know You Like A Book as well as online.

As grateful as Kevin was for Phil's article, which outlined his accident 26 years ago that left him quadriplegic, his 10-year endeavor to write a novel, and the heroic support of his father, he felt there was more to say. And boy, did he say it.

I was talking to a friend of mine about Kevin, and how I felt so very lucky to have met him and be a part of getting his story told. It had made me think: everyone has extraordinary qualities within them. But usually, it's not until something extraordinary happens in their lives that these qualities manifest themselves. I wonder, how would I have lived with this situation? If I were Kevin? If I were his father, Ed? I don't know. And I bet they didn't either. And I'm sure they wouldn't consider themselves extraordinary. But I do. And Phil does. And you should.

So, if you want to see what extraordinary is like, and change your life in the process, take three minutes to read Phil's intro to Kevin's poignant take on life, and his thanks to the people who have helped him realize life is so worth living:

Kevin Harmon gives his thanks... and so much more

Go to for information on purchasing The Archangel Response.

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