Friday, July 31, 2009

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best... Or Not

Scenario: You're standing in front of an imposing array of greeting cards in the Hallmark store, looking for that perfect expression of what you want to say. Perhaps it's as generic as a birthday card for a friend or family member, an anniversary card for a parent, a get well card for someone in need, or just something funny to cheer up your BFF.

Research says that consumers spend more than $7.5 billion dollars a year on greeting cards, purchasing from over 2,000 card publishers, from large corporations to the small, family-run greeting card biz.

Here's where I'm going with this. I may have a quirky sense of humor, but there have been many times when I just can't find the card that says exactly what I want to say. In talking with friends, I'm not alone. In this day and age, relationships are complicated, situations are eclectic, and the greeting card industry needs to take note and offer a more "diverse" selection of topics. For instance, where are the birthday cards for the ex-spouses? You know, the ones you get along with but don't want to send a "to my loving husband/wife" to? What about the obligatory congratulations card to someone you really don't like but feel the need to acknowledge? The Father's Day card to the deadbeat dad? The best wishes card to the girl who's marrying your ex-boyfriend? I could go on and on...

I was recently approached by a small card company in Seattle asking for ideas for cards such as these. This would be one of my dream jobs - to write greeting card copy that is real, pertinent, and gets to the heart of what consumers in 2009 really want to say to each other. Yes, it's probably a small market, but it's a growing one. There is a need.

So I'm asking for your input. What specific topics would you like to see covered in the greeting card industry? What card would you reach for and say, "This is perfect!!! I can't believe this card actually exists!!!" If you have an idea, comment below. I'd love to hear it and put it in my bag of tricks. Because sometimes, you care enough to send the very best, and sometimes, you care enough to just send the truth. Happy Friday!!!!

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  1. My dad used to say he was going to send a happy anniversary of his divorce to his exes. One of which of course was my mom.


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